Chapter 1
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One day, a prisoner is released. He goes to a desk and asks if the radio is broadcasting "God of Death." The old police officer is surprised that a young man would listen to rakugo. They joke together about the story.

The police officer goes over his record, noting that he served his full term as a model prisoner, but no parole. He sadly notes that he has no guarantor or family, and asks if he has anywhere to go. The prisoner smiles and says that he does; he's going to the Rakugo theater to see the great master.

The police officer is marvels happily at his carefree attitude and asks why he would go there right after getting out instead of looking for a job or house. The young man says that it's fine, because he has nothing else while smiling. He says that because he has nothing, that's why he has to go there.

At the Uchikutei Theatre, the prisoner spots Master Yakumo's driver, Matsuda. He calls out to him and pushily asks if he waits there, he will be able to see him after the performance. Matsuda is very uncomfortable and says that if he's a fan, he'll have to buy a ticket at the booth. He tells Matsuda that he spent all his money trying to look nice to meet the master. He says that he's done lots of research that finally lead him there, so he not leaving. He says if the master is unwilling to take him in as an apprentice, no one will be able to drag him away.

Matsuda apologizes and says that the master never takes in apprentices as he bows. Crying, the prisoner pounds on the top of the car, saying his plans are ruined. He doesn't know what to do now, since he has no money. Suddenly, he turns to Matsuda and tells him to help him out, since they're "fiends" as he yanks on his collar. Just as Matsuda's about to fall over, a cane holds him up.

Annoyed, Kikuhiko asks if Matsuda did something wrong, and says that he should speak with him if he has any concerns. The prisoner is overjoyed to see him and suddenly embraces him. \he says that he's so happy to meet him at last. Kikuhiko asks Matsuda what's wrong with this "yotarou."

Yotarou says that he fell in love with his rakugo the first time he saw it. He asks if he remembers the charity performance he did at the prison a year ago when he preformed "God of Death." He says that everyone was so terrified around him, he almost laighed himself to tears. Kikuhiko says that he meant to mock them. Kikuhiko asks if he was discharged from prison. He says that he had just been released today. Kikuhiko says that he seems quite happy for someone just discharged. Now serious, Yotarou says that he decided long ago that he would follow the most amazing person he'd ever seen one he was released. He says that he loves rakugo and that he has no other path to follow other than learning from him.

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  • 雨竹亭 Uchikutei (Rakugo Theatre)