Kikuhito works as a waiter and a group of girls call him over. He smiles as they squeal. As he reaches toward their empty glasses, one of the girls ask if he's still busy. He says that he is, but one of the girls says that it doesn't matter, and tells him to have a seat and chat with them. He thinks to himself that it's just a part of his training. Suddenly, another voice call out to him from the window.

From the window, Hatsutarou says that he's looking sharp; like an actor from Paris. Kikuhiko says that he told him not to come there. Hatsutarou saks that he was thinking about going to the rakugo theatre in Ueno with him. He asks if he's on the Kouza that night. Kikuhiko shushes him and says that he'll be done in a while. Hatsutarou says that he could at least by him a drink, then. Kiku says that they don't serve it there. Hatsu, smiling, suggests that he could at least give him some drinking money then. Kiku is taken back by this and asks about his pay from the matinee. He says he spent it on the train there from Shinjuku. Annoyed, Kiku says that he should have came there in the first place, then. Hatsu says that its that he's got some time before the next night's show and things aren't going to pay for themselves if he goes there on his own. Kiku says that that's why he came then and hands him some money. He thanks him as he runs down the road. Another waited asks who Hatsutarou was and if he was a performer. Kiku says that he was just asking for directions.

Walking down the road, ine of them remarks that it;s freezing. Hatsu tells Kiku to cheer up. Kiku tells him that if he shows up dressed like a rakugoka, they're going to figure out him as well and to cut him some slack. Kiku says that master would kill him if he found out that he works in a frivolous place like that in Ginza. Hatsu says that getting oushed around a little in that kind of place builds character and contributes to their rent. Grabbing Hatsu's scarf, Kiku says thathe has no say when he's making him do all the work; crashing at his place and then somehoe expecting to continue living there.

Hatsu says that it's more comfortable living with another guy anyway. No matter how cold or hungry they get, they can just blabber on and on to distract themselves. Kiku says that if he doesn't have any money, he can't survive. If he works, he can't practise. If he can't practice, theaters wont call. He says he;s in a endless cycle of poverty. Even though it's been a while since they left their master's house, he hasn't been able to learn more rakugo. He asks what's the point of being a fatatsume. Smiling, Hatsu says that it's too bad for him because he has 4 theares lined up for the next day and he's getting pretty popular and that he even got an offer to do radio. He says that he's been doing well since he took the name Sukeroku and suggest that Kiku finds a new name as well. Kiku says that it's too much trouble to suceed a name and he's fine being Kikuhiko for life. Besides, Kiku says, Sukeroku sounds nothing like a Rakugoka name. He asks where he got the "Second Generation" from. Sukeroku says that it's better than Hatsutarou and perfect for a handsome guy like him. Kiku pinches his mouth and says that he should take a look at himself. Suddenly angry, Sukeroku asks if his name doesn't just scream "Sukeroku" and yells that Kiku can't says that he's not living up to his name. Kiku says that he didn't say that, he did. Kiku looks dissapointed and says that it's not just his name, he needs to do something about his outfit. He asks how long he's been wearing his ragged clothes and asks why he doesn't buy a proper suit. Sukeroku says no, because it's tight and restricts the movements in his crotch. He can't bear wearing it. He asks who cares, if he's a hanashika, let him at least wear a kimono. Kiku asks what happened to the one master gave him then. Laughing, Sukeroku says he pawned it off for drinking money. Kiku sighs and glares at him.

Kiku says that he'll be expelled if he find out. Sukeroku says that he doesn't care, and tells Kiku to stop getting carried away with the crested kimono because hecause he's never seen a customer leave because of how badly he dresses and as long as they're entertained by his rakugo, it's good enough.