Episode 14
Episode 1, Season 2
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Kanji (だい)(いち)()
Rōmaji Daiichiwa
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Opening Usurahi Shinjuu
Ending Kaha, Taredoki
Episode 13 Episode 15



Plot SummaryEdit

[The son] skips through the streets of Okazu Yokocho, singing Jegemu. People on the street and smile as he walks by. He greets an [old man] at the rakugo theater. The man smiles and greets him back, asking if he's done with kindergarden. He says that he had the bus let him off over there. The boy asks that, if he's good and doesn't get in the way, if he can watch the show. The man agrees and says that he could never take money from a little boy. The boy hugs him and tells him he loves him. A woman at the counter smiles and says that he's spoiling him.

The man says that he's such a charismatic child as the boy looks at some food. He says that adults just can't tell him no. The boy asks if he can have some dorayaki. He says that they can take it from his father's paycheck. The two smile at him and the man says he'll let the owner know. He pats him on the head and says that his father should be on today, and that they're packed. A sign on the door says that they're packed and the man says that Yota's a blessing for them.

As he enters the room, he's greeting by clapping. His father had just entered the stage and everyone was cheering. A man joking yells at him not to mess up. Another jokingly says the same thing. Sukeroko laughs and says that he gets it, and that if he does, he'll bite off his tongue and perform the next day as a ghost. The crowd laughs.

Sukeroku begins narrating that though they don't see it much nowadays, but back in old Edo, you saw a lot of soba stalls. He takes off his outer robe. As he explains that, at night, the soba sellers would pull the cart on their backs with shouldering poles, the boy taps on a man's hand beside him and says he can't see and asks him to pick him up. Sukeroku explains that wind chimes would jingle as they wandered through the town. The man agrees that it's hard to see as he picks him up. He asks when it got like that anyway. A man beside him asks if he feels the same way. The man says that he's bee watching Sukeroku for over ten years. He says that he comes to the theater most everyday and he's shocked to see how packed it's become lately.

Sukeroku asks if the soba is handmade. He calls the other character and artist and says that you can taste the difference as he takes a sip. He exclaims that the broth is exquisite. He goes on to compliment it.

The bald man says that he always had charm, but no more than that. He says that, then, as if through divine intervention, he just started selling; now he's on TV pretty much everyday but still makes time to come to the theaters. He says that havng a guy like him around makes coming to the theater fun. The man says that Yota has finally transformed himself. The man says that he's still a bot slipshod in some ways, but you can always expect him to show you something incredible. As they finish, everyone laughs at Sukeroku's performance.

After he's done, a nervous Konatsu looks uncomfortable as she plays the koto. Sukeroku compliments her playing, but she tells him not to talk, as she's focusing everything on her playing. Sukeroku laughs at this.

The old man from before asks why he's still serving tea even as a shin'uchi. Smiling, Sukeroku says that there's no one else to do it. The man says that he's glad to have he and his wife there. He says it's nice having young people work at the theater. The two look over to see Konatsu being instructed by an older woman. He says that having Kona there just makes it all even better. He says that she's so knowledgeable about rakugo and accompaniment. He says that it's no easy feat to be allowed to play after just a few years. Sukeroku says that it's been her dream for a long time. The man says that he's surprised that Master Yakumo approved it. Sukeroku says that they're both stubborn, so it wasn't easy, but people are always happiest doing what they love for a living.

The boy walks in, singing Jegemu. His mother scolds him, saying that she told him to stay out of the greenroom. He stands behind the old man and the man says he's the exception. He says that he's the child of everyone at the theater. The boy tells him that he can do Jugemu. The man marvels at this and his mother asks if he remembers how Yota did it for a choldren's program. She says that it's all the rage at his kindergarten. The old man tells him to give it a try.

The boy begins performing and everyone is shocked. The old man says that he thought he just meant his name, not the entire sitting. Konatsu asks when he memorized it and Sukeroku says that it's huge and that he's a genius. They begin cheering as Yakumo Yuurakutei enters the room, looking annoyed. As he says goodmorning, everyone stops and looks embarrased. He says that he's never heard a greenroom so full of the voices of women and children. He tells Konatsu that if she's going to bring such things there, to please quit that line of work because that place is precious to them. She bows and apologizes.

The boy walks over and says that it's not his mom's fault because he came without permission. He bows his head and apologizes. Yakumo pulls him into his shoulder, and, smiling, tells him to always remember his manners, just like that. He agrees and asks his grandfather to do Jugemu. Smiling, he asks if he likes that one. He says "yeah." Smiling even wider, Yakumo says to say "Yes, sir, instead of "Yeah." He say sthat he's going to get changed, so he should return to the audience. Konatsu smiles at them while Sukeroku looks at them nervously.

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